… Sensia December …

For this post we’ve chosen 2 pics taken with this fantastic film – Fuji Sensia 100. and what makes this film so special? The wonderful  pink tones you get when you cross process it!!




CANON AE-1 // Fuji Sensia 100 // 12/2013

The Pére Lachaise is the most famous cemétery in Paris, where, among others,  you can find the graves of really famous people, from Edith Piaf to Jim Morrison.

And here’s one of the weird photos I took in my last trip there. That day 2 rolls “died”… maybe a curse??? :O

It’s a really beautiful and misterious place, that you can’t miss if you come some day to Paris.


CANON EOS 500 // Fuji Sensia 100 // 12/2013

This film was a gift from Cécile, that I’ve cherished for so long, waiting for the right moment to use it, because here in Argentina, it’s impossible to find. But finally I decided to use it during my vacations, one more time to my dear Mar del Plata.

I really loved the results, as you can see in this fantastic pink sky.



… selfies time…




POLAROID LAND 1000 // Impossible PX70 [color protection] // 01/2014

I wanted to try my Polaroid in back light… And I was stuck at home for some reason…

So I took a picture of the only model available….. ME !!!

Finally,the second shoot was the good one !



LUBITEL 166+ // Kodak Portra 160VC // homemade developing // 11/2013

That day I was a bit bored- I was feeling better, but not enough to go out. So I decided to test some light settings at my little studio and, as Cécile, I was the only model available. I don’t like taking selfies lately, but I’m really proud of this one because it shows perfectly how I was feeling


…november post…




CANON AE1  // Fuji Sensia 100 // 11/2013

The Marais is one of Paris’ main localities for art galleries and has become a fashionable district, home to many trendy restaurants, fashion houses, and hype galleries, and it’s also know as the “gay district”.

I took this accidental double exposure pic during a little walk around Le Marais, in my way to the Lomography Store.

As I said, this is an accidental double exposure, but I think it was a great accident, wasn’t it?



CANON EOS 500 // Lomography Slide 200 // homedeveloped // 11/2013

After a long time in bed, that day I decided to go out, for once and for all! Sometimes it’s really hard to start after a long illness, and I wasn’t the exception, but that day I took all the strenght I had, and went to the river. I took with me my canon EOS 500 and this slide, which was a gift of a lomo friend from Japan (ARURIN), roll that I was saving for “the perfect moment”, and I decided to use it that day.

La Reserva is a beautiful beach as you can see… the river gives me so much energy! I needed the sun on my face and the sand on my toes! so everytime I’m feeling a bit down I go there, and that day was a special one, it was more like a conquer!




We know we are already in October, but we wanted to share these pics with you 😀


POLAROID EE66 // Fuji FP 3000 //Double exposure // 09/2013

When I was about to try the Fuji FP3000B for the first time, Julian Brombach (Alias Brommi) advised me to try double exposures with it… It was a very good advice ! It required several attempts…

Despite the pic is a  bit overexposed, I¡m really glad with the results –  I love this place, I love these ghosts, & I definitely love this film !!!

Note from Ropi: I insisted Cécile to choose this pic for this post because I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! It’s so perfect!!! ♥

Canon EOS 500 // Kodak Colorplus 200 // Double Exposures – Silhouettes // 09/2013

This September has been one of the worst months in my life… I’ve been in bed for 1 month and a half  because of a pain in my belly, that finally ended with a surgery, so it wasn’t a month in which I had the mood to take a lot of pics BUT when all this pain issue started, and I had enough strength yet, I decided to do this experiment (I’ve always loved Earlybird ‘s silhouette pics) which consisted in doing silhouettes of my head and for the 2º shot, all those things I was missing, because I wasn’t able to do. They included taking pics (of course!), baking, music and all those things you start missing when you are not feeling well.

Besides, this roll was the 2nd C41 roll I home developed, and it was the first one with good results! 😀

…those old and beautiful cars…



We are back!!!

POLAROID Colorpack // 100 Fuji FP100C

I wanted to try my new (very old…!!!) Polaroid, and for the first time, the Fuji FP100c. So, I decided to go out for a little walk to find something to photography… In a corner street, I found this old car. I love it… Because my father had a grey one…

Canon EOS 500 // Kodak 200

I took this pic in my last trip to Mar del Plata. It was really funny to find this VW van (one of my favourite cars) painted as the so famous yellow submarine.

The owners of this van are 2 guys who travel all over Argentina. They have a FB page, but I couldn’t find it to post it here! :/





July’s Random Pic ( finally!!!)

Sorry for the delay!!! Our lives are a bit hectic right now, so please, be patient!! 😀


NIKON F801 // DM Paradies 200 // 07/2013

A little stroll on the beach of Deauville…
I wanted to see the sunset over the sea.
These umbrellas are legendary,  (you can check the history of this beautiful place HERE ) and I really wanted to take some pictures of them.
I took more than 50 photos, and I’ve tested many filters, but unfortunately, I don’t remember which one I used for this pic !

LUBITEL 166+ // Kodak TMax 400 //  Home developed // 07/2013

As you’ve should probably noticed, I love taking portraits, so I’m always asking friends to pose for me.
This time I had a really beautiful model, but I guess that you are wondering why I chosed this weird, multiexposure pic. Well, the answer is really easy, I just liked it!Besides, it was the first one of that series, and it was the first time I used a radio trigger on my Lubitel – it was like the past meeting the future!

…I’ve got you under my…feet !!! ….






LEICA C1 // Ilford FP4+ // 06/2013


Everytime I walk around Paris, I always look where I’m steping in … there is always something interesting to pay attention to (maybe a little less known than our famous monuments)…. there’s  always something new and super creative!

I took this photo during a walk around “Place de la Bastille”…



CANON EOS 500 // Kodak BW400CN // 02/2013


I found these cute envelop and stamp on the main entrance of the Central Post Office of Rosario, the day when I went there to find out the requirements to send my first package to Cécile.

Besides, this was my test roll for my “new” Canon EOS 500 🙂



June’s Random Pic – From Paris to Mar del Plata!

June's Random Pic

LEICA C1 // Kodak Tmax 100 // 06/2013

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make a picture similar to Linda McCartney’s :


So I asked to my favorite model if she accepted that I take a picture of her while she was driving.
She said yes, so I decided to sit at the backsit of her car on our way home.
(We went for a photo shoot in Paris) and this is what turned out.

I really love this pic because her eyes say a lot of things…. I’m very happy with the result !


Canon EOS 500 // Kodacolor 200 // 06/2013

On the last days of June I went to Mar  del Plata on a mini-vacation.
Mar del Plata is 800km to the south from Rosario, so after a 10 hours bus trip we arrived there. It was around 7.30am, so I asked my Mom if she would like to go with me to the seaside to take some dawn pics, something I’ve been waiting to do for a loooong time. Well, as I said we were there at 7.30am, and it looked as if  the sun was going to be out in any minute BUT it finally came out at 8.05am !!! You can’t imagine how cold it was that day! (then we listened on the radio that the temperature had been -8ºC ! ).

Despite of the cold weather, I was lucky and I could take this lovely pic! As you can see, we weren’t the only crazy ones who were waiting for the sun…

You should listen this The Doors’ song, which I sang over and over during those 30 minutes!!!  WAITING FOR THE SUN – THE DOORS

Before Summer/Winter begins…

Only 2 days left before Summer starts in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter, in the South. So we decided to share our Spring/Fall best pics! We hope you like them! ♥



NIKON F801 // Konica Minolta VX 200S // 04/2013

The most photogenic spring flowers…
For this pic, I used a Cokin Double Exposure Filter (similar to a Splitzer, if you don’t know what a Splitzer is click HERE). So, how does this filter works? Well, it’s super easy – it’s basically a double exposure pic, but this filter blacks out half of the image. So you take your first pic with the filter mask on the left, for example, you don’t wind your film but you turn your filter, so now the left side of the pic is blacked out and voilá! You can get lovely pics like this one!
In this case, one shot was made with the splitzer on the bottom, and the other one  with the splitzer on the top, turning the camera for each shot.
Tulips seem to float in the air …
Mamiya 645 Pro // Kodak E100VS // June 5th 2013
I took this pic on Yanina’s birthday and she’s so kind, she didn’t have any trouble to pose for me for almost an hour in this important day !!! That’s what happens when you have a photographer as a friend, specially one that loves portraiture!!
For this pic I used Kodak E100VS, which was a gift from Cécile. This film is a slidefilm, so to develop it I did what is called Cross Processing. Sadly I haven’t had satisfactory results yet, but I’ll keep on trying!